The town of Lefkada welcomes the visitor, while he passes from the coasts of Akarnania in the island, from a narrow lane of land and from a floating bridge of 50 meters. The bridge allows the pass of small yachts through the canal of Lefkada. At the entrance of the island, the visitor can admire the castle of Aghia Mavra, Amoglossa, a fantastic beach, and if he wishes to go further, he can reach the town from Gyra with its windmills and the beach of Aghios Ioannis. Also at the island entrance you will find the park of the poets. The Public Library with the collection of the Post Byzantine Icons of Heptanisian Art, the Charamoglios Special Lefkaditian Library, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of phonograph, the great number of churches (Vassilikes single spaced), the Oil Grove, the traditional coffee shops, the magical nature, seduce the visitor in a dream trip of the island of poets and lyrics.

lefkada town

Following the road with a south direction, on the parallel to the east coast of the island we are passing from the village of Kaligoni, 2 km south of the capital. In this area, ruins of the ancient town of Kirikos, were found from the 2nd millennium bc. There are ruins of cyclopean walls, tanks, water towers and of a theatre of Pre Roman period discovered from the German Archaeologist Dorpfeld. There were also found some ruins of Byzantine walls.

On the sound end, the village of Kariotes is located near Alikes of Alexandros and Ligia (6km from the town). It is the largest fishing center of the island. A coastal fish village built around a scenic small bay.

Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea and it’is very close to Aitoloakaranania Prefecture. It is separated from mainland Greece through the Strait of Drepanou and it is the only island with road access and is therefore called “steriano island.” With a population of 22,879 inhabitants, the island covers an area of 302.5 square kilometers. The climate is mediterranean, with hot humid summers and cold winters.

The entire island is a natural attraction with seaside towns and villages, built in the green. The mountains of the island are important habitats in which many rare species of birds and mammals grow and live, when at the same time you can find dozens of caves, waterfalls and springs.

kathisma beach lefkadaThe island has many picturesque beaches that are characterized by turquoise waters which are amongst the most beautiful in the country and in the entire Mediterranean sea. On the west coast, the famous Porto Katsiki has been occasionally voted by international travel magazines as the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Main sources of wealth is tourism, oil, viticulture and fishing.
The island is well known for its famous embroidery and textiles made by women mainly in Karya. Traditional dishes of local cuisine is bourdeto, bakaliaros bianko, maridopita, frygadeli, and various pies.

Nydri, has been for 25 years the most well known tourist resort of the island. It offers a beautiful beach, clear crystal waters, many hotels, rooms to rent, taverns and night clubs. It’s a cosmopolitan place with interesting sights and natural beauty. You should swim to Skorpios, the magical sight of Onassis and visit the tomb of the German Archeologist Dorpfeld, the island of Valaoriti’s, Madouri, the waterfall of Dimosari and the church of Aghias Kiriakis. At the port of Nydri, are gathered many luxurious yachts. Nydri is connected by a ferry boat with Meganissi and Kefalonia…