Nidri is one of the most beautiful regions in the Ionian Islands. For decades, the coastal zone from Perigiali to the village of Vlycho has been popular among people from Greece and abroad. Although Nydriis subject to pressure from tourism, it has retained its beauty. It is a hospitable region offering visitors a wide range of options on activities, such as water sports, shopping and entertainment.

Nidri is in the middle of the east coast of the island of Lefkas, 10 miles south of Lefkas Town and 13 miles north of the famous windsurfing beach at Vassiliki. Nidri holidays are the most popular option on Lefkas, the resort sitting attractively on the long sweeping bay of Nudri. Nidri holidays offer good swimming beaches, boat trips and pleasant surroundings. Holidays in Nidri can sample a good mix of traditional Greek tavernas and cafes along with more modern music bars and a couple of nightclubs. Nidri holiday nightlife revolves around the sea front and the quayside. The small harbour at Nidri is popular with yachts exploring the Ionian Sea.

Nidri beach is close to the town and has superb views out to a cluster of tiny islands. Nidri beach slopes gently to the sea and is a mix of sand, shingle and pebbles. It’s a popular swimming beach with warm calm water.Plenty of facilities on the main beach and a pleasant collection of waterfront cafes and tavernas. Nidri holidays offer a good opportunity to learn to sail or windsurf in calm clean water. There are plenty more beautifully secluded and sheltered bays and coves along this part of the coast or you could rent a little boat to explore the nearby islets that sparkle invitingly in the bay. Holidays in Nidri could include ferry trips to Meganisi Island to see the sea caves, and the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia. There are dozens of boat trips leaving Nidri to visit the islets in the Vylcho Bay which include Scorpios, owned by the Onassis family. Buses run along the coast.