Nidri is one of the most beautiful regions in the Ionian Islands. For decades, the coastal zone from Perigiali to the village of Vlycho has been popular among people from Greece and abroad. Although Nydriis subject to pressure from tourism, it has retained its beauty. It is a hospitable region offering visitors a wide range of options on activities, such as water sports, shopping and entertainment.

Nidri is in the middle of the east coast of the island of Lefkas, 10 miles south of Lefkas Town and 13 miles north of the famous windsurfing beach at Vassiliki. Nidri holidays are the most popular option on Lefkas, the resort sitting attractively on the long sweeping bay of Nudri. Nidri holidays offer good swimming beaches, boat trips and pleasant surroundings. Holidays in Nidri can sample a good mix of traditional Greek tavernas and cafes along with more modern music bars and a couple of nightclubs. Nidri holiday nightlife revolves around the sea front and the quayside. The small harbour at Nidri is popular with yachts exploring the Ionian Sea.



Nidri is the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada located at a distance of 17 km south of the main town. Today the village has a population of 800 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in tourism and fishing. The lovely settlement that lies around the natural bay has the best tourist infrastructure including a plethora of modern amenities like taverns, restaurants and various accommodations to choose from. Surrounded by a vast green area with trees and lush vegetation, Nidri is a great choice for fun-filled holidays, especially for the families. The main street behind the bay runs full of cafes, bars and tourist shops. Beautiful sandy beaches stretch along the coast making Nidri an irresistable destination. One can enjoy amazing views across the islets of Heloni, Sparti, Madouri and Scorpios, the famous island of Aristotelis Onasis. Nidri has one of the busiest ports in Lefkada with ferry connections to the neighbour islands of Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia. It is also filled with fishing boats, private yachts and sailboats. Every summer, a series of cultural events and religious celebrations take place in Nidri and it is most definite that visitors will enjoy a pleasant stay. Nidri is full of sightseeings such as the remains of the prehistoric settlement, the famous waterfalls and Dimosari Gorge. At the centre of the town is a small folklore museum. Source: www.greeka.com

Are you on family holidays? Do you like adventures and outdoor activities? Are you a nature lover? Do you even own a luxurious yacht? It doesn’t really matter what kind of holidays you prefer or which type of traveller you are, when you visit Nidri. This fishing village which turned out to be the one of the most cosmopolitan resorts has got it all!

The village is ideally located halfway between Lefkada Town and Vassilikivillage and ferries depart from here to the neighbouring island of Kefalonia. The 800 people who live in Nidri permanently have developed its small port to one of the busiest harbours on Lefkada with ferries and cruises to Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia. It’s also a top-notch destination for private yachts in the Ionian Sea and the assembly point for the annual Ionian Regatta, the biggest yachting event in the Mediterranean.

The lush vegetation of the surrounding area attracts nature lovers from all over the world to admire the spectacular view of the neighbouring islets as well as of the famous island of Scorpios which belonged to the Onasis family and welcomed members of the global elite. Here you can reunite with nature and enjoy the picturesque landscape with olive groves, vineyards and gardens. The place offers unique opportunities for outdoor activities, such as swimming in the famous waterfalls of Nidri. Could you ever imagine that you would go swimming in small ponds under the cool, refreshing water of waterfalls on a Greek island? Time to visit Nidri and just do it! Even though there are cliffs surrounding the village, the terrain here is quite flat and thus the best choice for long walks through the olive groves and peaceful cycle rides. As it is located in the east coast of the island, the sea is usually calm – perfect for learning how to sail.

If you are fascinated by the glamour of Scorpios, then you might want to visit the rest of the small islets opposite Nidri which are also owned by wealthy entrepreneurs. From Nidri you can go island hopping and visit all these islets as if you too were a famous celebrity!

For families, the village has a lot of facilities including taverns and restaurants to enjoy a tasteful Greek or international meal. There are plenty of shops as well. Accommodation range from affordable rooms to let to luxurious hotels. No matter what your budget is, convenience for you and your family is the number one priority for the locals in Nidri. The younger visitors will be equally satisfied since the village is nothing but quiet! On the main street behind the bay there are various cafes, bars and clubs to spend unforgettable nights on the island.

There is no need to mention the beach and the sea in Nidri. On the entire island of Lefkada the beaches are of unique beauty and the waters are so crystal clear that you think you are in a tropical paradise.

From the family guy, the adventurer and the reckless traveller to the groups of crazy university students in their twenties, Nidri is by far the hot spot of Lefkada island!


The German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, having examined the geographical descriptions of Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey believed that Lefkada was Homer’s Ithaca, and that the palace of Odysseus was located west of Nydri on the south coast of Lefkada. He performed extensive excavations at Nydri and uncovered Mycenaean tombs, walls, ruins and artefacts which supported his hypothesis. Dörpfeld spent the last years of his life at Nydri and he is buried there.

The beach

Nidri beach is close to the town and has superb views out to a cluster of tiny islands. Nidri beach slopes gently to the sea and is a mix of sand, shingle and pebbles. It’s a popular swimming beach with warm calm water.Plenty of facilities on the main beach and a pleasant collection of waterfront cafes and tavernas. Nidri holidays offer a good opportunity to learn to sail or windsurf in calm clean water. There are plenty more beautifully secluded and sheltered bays and coves along this part of the coast or you could rent a little boat to explore the nearby islets that sparkle invitingly in the bay. Holidays in Nidri could include ferry trips to Meganisi Island to see the sea caves, and the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia. There are dozens of boat trips leaving Nidri to visit the islets in the Vylcho Bay which include Scorpios, owned by the Onassis family. Buses run along the coast.


Nidri beach is famous for it unique characteristics, the white sand and clean waters. A long tuft of palm trees cover the beach creating a charming atmosphere for both adults and children. The settlement is well-developed with cafes, bars and plenty of restaurants. Nidri combines a warm and family environment, a picturesque landscape, crystalline waters and comfortable facilities. From the beach one can enjoy a nice view over the islets of Heloni, Sparti, Scorpidi, Madouri and the famous Scorpios, the island of Aristotelis Onasis. 


Nidri belongs to the popular resorts of Lefkada, attracting thousands of visitors every summer. It is located in the eastern coast of Lefkada. Nidri beach is famous for its intense lifestyle and vivid young population. A long series of palm trees cover its coastline creating a charming atmosphere. The village is full of cafes, bars and plenty of restaurants. Nidri combines a warm and family environment, a picturesque landscape, crystalline waters and comfortable facilities. From the beach one can enjoy a nice view over the isles of Heloni, Sparti, Scorpidi, Madouri and the famous Scorpios, the old island of Aristotelis Onasis. Usually doesn’t have any wind. It’s great for water sports!





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