Rouda Bay Hotel is a 3stars hotel with 28 rooms & apartments designed to have style and at the same time to be practical and a wide range of high quality leisure facilities (restaurant, cafeteria, snack bar).

The excellent hotel services are provided by the friendly management and staff. It situated exactly in front of the beautiful organized beach of Mikros Gialos, having a colorful garden with trees and flowers, viewing to the always calm bay of Rouda and Cephalonia Island and reminding of a neighborhood that will be hard to leave behind!

Cafe - Snack Bar


Every morning, we get out of bed early so as to bake fresh bread, croissants and pies, for you to find when you will wake up! I mean we could do that, but as we found a real bakery that does this job better than us, and brings all these goodies at our door, why should we wake up early?

So, every morning you will find fresh bread, croissants and pies, fresh milk, cheese, ham, marmalade and anything else you might want to have for breakfast, in our cute cafe-snack bar! However, if you fill a bit lazy (which is completely the right thing to feel when in vacation), we can prepare and serve you, whatever you would like, upon disponibility! Moreover, a variety of coffees, refreshments, snacks, juices, sweets, crepes, waffles, ice creams etc. are available through the whole day, for you to enjoy them on foot, on table, on your room or on the beach.

Last and most important, as we are an international hotel, with clients from all over the world, we understand that you didn’t have time to adjust to the local time zone, and so we serve drinks and cocktails all day long with the background view of the lovely crystal beach which host us.

The facility includes also a small Market, a Playground and a gift shop. The only thing separate as from the beach is the public road, and so we can claim that the sea is “in front of our doorsteps”.



White and blue are the colors we chose for our restaurant, as they remind of the sea, the sky, and of course summer in Greece!

So after we painted it, only so as to fit with the background (and not the other way around!)

We chose our menu to include traditional Lefkada’s herbs, the ingredients we use, to come from our island and the surrounding areas, and the tastes to remind you of the Greek mother, you never had (except from the Italians!)

All these in an environment of high style, island atmosphere and amazing view of the Ionian Sea.

Join us and try a wide variety of our culinary creations!


Tours & Activities

In our beach the main and most favorite activities are swimming and sunbathing on the sunbeds! If you, for some unknown to me reason, fill more energetic even if it’s summer, you will find many options around the island! From Jet Skis and small boats with motor (no license required) to Jeep safari, we are here to propose many fun activities and tours!

All of us!

As far as the stuff is concerned, we are all forced to brush our teeth 8 times per day, so that we are always ready to give you our nicest smile! Our slogan is Ladies & Gentlemen serving Ladies & Gentlemen, and we will honour it by doing everything in our power to help you enjoy your vacation! 






Rouda Bay Hotel
Μικρός Γιαλός, Πόρος, Λευκάδα
GPS: 38.640103,20.694959